Professional 6DOF
Full Motion Platforms
Play in VR or on 4K 55" screen Multiplayer


Experience the most realistic driving experience around on our Gforcefatory 6DOF racing platforms.

It doesn't matter if you are a formula 1 or flight enthusiast, we give you the thrills of driving the latest Ferrari, flying the largest air-carrier or get you screaming on the wildest rollercoasters available.
We use professional racing simulators from Gforcefactory which offer 6DoF (Six degrees of freedom (6DoF)
This refers to the freedom of movement of a rigid body in three-dimensional space.) in combination with our Virtual Reality headsets which gives you the perfect illusion of being there.
This allows us to accurately replicate even the smallest or harshest movement you would get from the real vehicle.
Our latest addition, the PIMAX5k+ even gives you a wider field of view than any other VR headset available on the market. The small footprint of the simulators, makes them incredibly flexible to set up in the smallest rooms ( 2x2m). So be prepared to see our simulators out in the wild as they are for hire as well for all your upcoming events. What comes with the simulators: 1 x Geforcefactory 6DoF professional motion platform 1 x 55" 4k TV screen for the driver and spectators 1 x Virtual reality headset ( HTC-Vive or PIMAX5k+) 1 x Gaming PC with a selection of simulation experiences ( Car racing, Flight Simulation, Rollercoasters) Fanatec Force Feedback Steering Wheel and Pedals Softmats including LED lights Professional staff to setup and run your event

Fully Insured

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€15 - 20mins
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