School Tours

School Tours

Our arcade

At we have the facilities to host 30+ children on our 11 VR stations, this means that 11 children will be able to experience VR at the same time. Spectator TV screens at each station and an interactive programme ensures there are no bored kids as everything can be viewed as it happens from the comfort of the sofa, making the experience totally interactive.


Child safe, large open area, all one level
Suitable for all weather conditions
High Hygiene Standards
Autism Friendly
Wheelchair Accessible
A Totally Unique School Programme in Ireland
Investment in children’s future
Central location close to other attractions such as, Birr Caslte, Charville Castle, Mount Lucas Windfarm, Jumping Jacks & Cosmic Bowl
Much needed complimentary Tea/Coffee will be supplied for teachers
And most importantly FUN for kids and teachers alike!


Our goal is to introduce VR to students as an added fun way of learning, opening up for the use of VR in future applications and giving the next generation a glimpse of the future. What once may be thought of as a ‘novel gaming tool’, VR is now shaping up to be the future of business. There are so many ways VR can be used in different industries including science, medical and health, education, engineering, sales and training which we cover in our brief presentation. Studies over the recent decade have shown that people utilizing virtual reality learn a lot faster and hold the information longer than reading or watching a video. Due the immersive nature of VR, the scenario is taken in by the brain as an actual bodily experience attached to your own thoughts and feelings. This means the experience is stored as a memory which is easily remembered. Studies also show that using new technologies and 3D environments engages students and brings more fun to the classroom which results in a higher motivation for students to learn. Imagine witnessing the Apollo 11 mission as it happened, exploring space or experiencing the sinking of the Titanic through the eyes of a passenger… it is all possible with VR!


We have a great selection of educational VR experiences which appeal to many departments such as art, science and engineering. With many in accordance with STEM. We can also personalise the programme by selecting experiences to best suit your lesson plan.

Below are a few examples;
The Body VR – shrink down to the size of a blood cell and take a tour of the human body, traversing blood vessels and seeing organs up close
Google Blocks - Create and merge solid objects to create structures which can be brought to life. We can even print your creations using our 3D printing service.
Titanic VR and Original Apollo 11 mission - See history
And many more

Timings can be changed according to age and size of group, suggestions are welcome for games. Please see below for an example of how your day can run.

Example of a day out @ Vrparty:
* Welcome up to 45 kids at the same time
* 15-20 minutes introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) on our big screen
* 50 minutes of educational VR (use of all 11 Virtual Reality Stations and our Microsoft Hololens)
* 20 minute lunch break (we can cater for food and drinks or bring your own)
* 50 minutes free playtime in our stations (age appropriate VR experiences such as archery, football, rollercoasters etc...)

Suitable for all ages from 7years+



Unit 3, Sragh Business Park

Clara Road, Tullamore, Co.Offaly

R35 X2N5


Our hours

Monday & Tuesday by appointment only..

Weds & Thurs 4-8pm
Friday 3-10pm

Saturday 11-10pm

Sunday 11-8pm
*11-8pm during all school and bank holidays

Contact us

Phone: +353-(0)-57-9360544

Mobile: +353-(0)-834036300