Virtual Reality (VR) is the ability to explore new worlds through a computer generated environment which can be realistic, like standing at the top of Mount Everest, or total fantasy such as casting spells in a wizards tower, all of which we can access via our VR headsets.

Each headset uses special 3D lenses and surround sound headphones to give us that immersive feeling of being at the centre of a game or virtual movie. 


Who says VR is just for one person? Not us! We believe VR is best experienced with a group of friends and family for extra laughs. Take a break and watch the action on the TV screen in our comfortable seating area located at each booth.


To be slumped in front of a TV is a thing of the past, with virtual reality YOU are part of the action… using your entire body you are transported into amazing new virtual words, hasta la vista couch potatoes!


“I’m too old for this…”  says who? No matter if you are 7 or 70 we will find a VR experience to amaze you! Take the back seat in a Berlin Bomber with original WW2 recordings, Explore Space, Everest or just straight up shoot your way through a bunch of enemies! We have you covered.


Q: Do I need to book?

A: The short answer, Yes. We can become very busy at short notice with walk ins so it is best to secure your time slot by contacting us via email, facebook or phone. Bookings of 2 stations or more require a €20 deposit.


 Q: Is VRparty just for kids?

A: No way! We have experiences to suit all ages. Friday & Saturday evenings are exclusive to age 18+ when you can bring in your own beer and start your night out with some VR or order a take-away, chill and shoot some zombies!


 Q: Are you just for Birthday Parties?

A: Certainly not, we cater for all kinds of events, in and out of the arcade as well as casual family fun time. Take a look at our services page for more info.


 Q: Do I have to wear special clothing?

A: Not really as long as you are comfortable, all we require is sensible shoes as high heels can cause damage to the foam mats.


Q: How old do I have to be to play?

A: The minimum age is 7 – This allows for the headsets to fit properly and to ensure the player understands the rules and controls.


Q: Are there age restrictions on the games?

A: Yes – We can set an age on our system to restrict certain games from view if you’d like, please let a member of staff know upon booking/arrival.


Q: Can I wear my glasses?

A: Yes, most glasses fit inside the headsets, if not you can take them off, most people don’t have any issues with the VR lenses being close to the eyes. If you wear contact lenses it is a good idea to use these instead if you are unsure.


Q: Is there a waiver to sign?

A: Yes – You can view this here. This is available to sign before your arrival when booking online. You will not be able to participate if you do not sign it. Any guests under 18 will require a parent or guardian to sign the waiver on their behalf.


Q: When should I arrive for my VR session?

A: If it is your first time visiting VRparty we suggest arriving 10 minutes before your time slot so that we can give you a short health & safety introduction and briefing on how to get set up in VR and fill out our waiver form. This ensures you get the most out of your experience and not to eat into your game time or any other booked slots afterwards. Sessions start and end sharply on the time allocated, especially on weekends when we are particularly busy!


Unit 3, Sragh Business Park
Clara Road, Tullamore, Co.Offaly
R35 X2N5

Open Hours

Monday & Tuesday by appointment only

Weds & Thurs 11-8pm

Friday 11-10pm

Saturday 11-10pm

Sunday 11-8pm
*11-8pm during all school and bank holidays

Contact us

Phone: +353-(0)-57-9360544

Email: booking@vrparty.ie